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On October 25, in Mexico City, the gala dinner for the 25th anniversary of Rittal Mexico was held, attended by more than 240 people including Distributors, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, end users, suppliers and the colleagues of this leading German company in the manufacture of enclosures, cooling units for industry as well as IT information technology located in Toluca, state of Mexico.

Within this framework of this event, the General Director of Rittal Mexico Maloare Soares received from Mr. Uwe Scharf, senior manager of Rittal Germany, the recognition that highlights the effort, dedication, commitment and teamwork of our subsidiary; being witnesses directors of Rittal GmbH Andreas Ružić and Matthias Schüler, the representative of the German embassy in Mexico, Mr. Ronald Münch and the director of Camexa Mr. Johannes Hauser.

“Mexico as a country is important and strategic for Rittal Gmbh and we reinforce our commitment to our network of distributors who have contributed to sustainable growth, as well as to the hundreds of end users in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, who together with the valuable Mexican human resource we will solve the challenges that will arise over the coming years”,

mentioned Mr. Uwe Scharf.

 This event resulted in a wonderful and exquisite evening, where camaraderie, congratulations, teamwork, solidarity and support were highlighted, with a special memory to all former Rittal Mexico employees who contributed to its current leadership.

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